DENVER (CBS4) – Suspect Tony Dotson was sentenced to 96 years in prison on Friday in the case of the brutal rape of a woman.

He now faces more charges for allegedly trying to have the victim in the case killed before she could testify.

Prosecutors say Dotson raped a woman he was friends with and had dinner with hours before the assault, knowing she was home alone.

Before the sentencing Dotson fired his attorney claiming he was not prepared to move forward because of a lack of communication.

The judge told Dotson if he dismissed his defense attorney then he would have to represent himself because they were not going to delay the sentencing.

Dotson appeared emotionless and would not make eye contact with the victim’s father when he took the stand.

“I tried to look him in the eye. He wouldn’t look me in the eye but I think justice has been served,” said the victim’s father.

Dotson allegedly broke into her home, concealed his identify, then videotaped the assault and saved the 19 minute video to his personal computer.

“He has not only left her with a legacy of pain and suffering and nightmares he has created with the behavior he had inflicted on her with this brutal rape, but he has also taken from her, her sense of personal safety for the rest of her life,” said Chief Deputy Denver District Attorney Adrienne Greene.

Dotson is also accused of hiring a prison gang to try to kill his victim while he awaited trial. That case is still pending

Prosecutors say in 2009 Dotson’s business partner was also found dead in her car and Dotson profited $300,000 from life insurance policy. He was never indicted in that case.

Dotson’s sister, a single mother named Nonni, went missing in 2006. Dotson was the last person to see her.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said that Dotson was on a list with other family members to see if he was connected. No one was ever cleared from that list.

Dotson only addressed the court Friday talking about legalities in this assault case, making no apology.

The victim’s father says this crime has forever changed his family and his daughter’s life, even forcing her to leave state.

The murder for hire case is still in the legal process. It’s a separate case upcoming and prosecutors believe Dotson could be involved in more indictments.


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