DENVER (CBS4)– Sunday’s playoff game was a victory for the Broncos and also a couple who experienced an especially romantic moment among all the cheering crowds.

Right before the Broncos and Chargers took the field at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Mark and Lindsey found a special moment.

Mark had planned something special.

“So here’s the jersey I had underneath my sweatshirt and I had this reversed so the ‘marry me’ was across my chest,” said Mark.

“After he proposed my mom and dad came out of hiding and my mom was carrying this shirt saying ‘I said yes’ so, yeah,” said Lindsey.

When asked if the Broncos had lost, if that would have put a damper on the proposal, Mark replied, “I want to say no, but…”

The numbers on the jerseys are 1 and 12, which symbolize the date of the proposal, “The date of the game. Sunday was the 12th of January.”

“If Peyton wants to come to the wedding he can be the best man,” said Mark.


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