STERLING, Colo. (CBS4) – An investigation is underway after a toddler died from a fire at his home.

The fire broke out Monday night at the home on State Street in Sterling in northeastern Colorado.

Investigators say 2-year-old Levi Welton was found in the home by firefighters and died at a hospital.

“I would trade my life for his in a heartbeat,” said father Chris Welton.

He says the fire started while the rest of family was watching a movie and Levi was in bed.

He says he tried everything to get his son out of his burning bedroom.

“I tried climbing in and the fire kept burning me and I couldn’t get to him and all I heard was him screaming my name and kids screaming,” said Welton.

Welton was left with second and third degree burns on his hands.

“I’ve got scars on my hands now that are going to remind me of my son dying everyday,” said Welton.

Tuesday investigators searched the home for clues as to how the fire started.

They did confirm the boy was found inside a bedroom closet

“nothing looks suspicious as to why he was in the closet,” said the Sterling Police Chief.

While the family and investigators wait for more answers, they try to remember the little boy who brought so much joy to their lives.

“He was a big mommy’s boy and I’m going to miss him sneaking out of his bed to come cuddle with me,” said mother Julia Welton.

A man who lives at the home suffered injuries that weren’t considered life-threatening.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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