DENVER (CBS4) – Workers woke up to a frigid morning in the Denver metro area on a day where schools were back in session and people to wanted get to work and school safely.

Winter break is over and those who headed outside got a nice wake-up call with single-digit temperatures. It was the type of cold where it could be felt in the fingertips, even with gloves on — and felt it in the toes with boots on.

It snowed off and on all day Sunday in the metro area. Some people said when they watched the weather from inside their cozy homes they knew they had to be prepared for Monday morning. Mittens, scarves, earmuffs and hats were must-haves.

CBS4’s Lane Lyon spoke with one Regional Transportation District commuter who appeared to be bundled up and prepared for the wait for her RTD bus ride.

“I’m still cold,” Linda Bowman said. “No boots. That’s the missing element.”

Lyon also talked to a woman he could see hoping around.

“I see you doing a little dance. Are you doing a little jig?” Lyon asked the woman.

“Yes, it’s extremely cold. But I’m layered up … I think you just get used to it,” the woman responded. “You have to deal with this every morning in the winter, catching the bus, going to work.”

Some commuters at the Park-n-Ride at U.S. 36 and Sheridan Boulevard waited in their cars until their bus arrived.

Even though the snow tapered off, the cold temperature slowed the morning commute, but no major accidents were reported.

There were no major school closures but some reported delays.


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