LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators in Loveland are looking for information that can help solve a series of crimes in the area.

In the past two months police have gotten several reports of people stealing from parked cars.

There have been 10 reported cases so far and the suspects appear to be targeting cars in commercial lots.

They’re looking for two people they call persons of interest in the case. They have been seen shopping stores minutes after cars have been burglarized nearby.

Police say whoever they are, they’ve stolen electronics, credit cards, and personal information.

“Some of the victim’s personal belongings have been used. So we don’t know if these people involved are involved in the actual theft at the time, but they’re showing up later on using the victim’s personal property,” said Sgt. Justin Chase from the Loveland Police Department.

Police say the opportunistic thieves steal when valuable goods are left in plain sight.

When the suspects can’t just open a door, they often break a window to get what’s inside.

The suspects face nearly a half dozen felony charges and police are looking for more related cases.


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