BERTHOUD, Colo. (CBS4)– Berthoud’s Chief of Police has resigned in the middle of an internal investigation.

Glenn Johnson was being investigated for his handing of a child abuse case involving Officer Jeremy Yachik.

Yachik was fired in October after he was accused of physically abusing his teenage daughter on at least four occasions last year.

Yachik was arrested Oct. 23 on a warrant charging him with four counts of child abuse resulting in injury and one count of false imprisonment, which are all misdemeanor charges.

Yachik was arrested about one month after Berthoud town board members and Loveland police received an email from Yachik’s former fiancee accusing him of abuse. The email included a video recording of a child being choked, punched and kicked by an adult male.

His former fiancee told investigators that she attempted to report the incident to Johnson, but she received no response.

Loveland police were called in and executed search warrants at Yachik’s home and also at Johnson’s office, where three computers were seized. According to an affidavit, the search confirmed Yachik’s fiancée had attempted to report the alleged abuse to Johnson.

Johnson was placed on administrative leave Oct. 3. Larimer County Sheriff’s Sgt. John Feyen is serving as interim police chief during the criminal investigation.


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