AVON, Colo. (CBS4) – Avon police are still looking for the driver in a hit and run that happened on Dec. 8.

Alfonso Palma was walking home early in the morning after a night out with friends.

He says he didn’t see any headlights or the car.

The next thing he knew he was in the middle of the road. He couldn’t stand up and crawled to the far side of Highway 6.

He then had to wait for someone to find him and make sure he was alive.

(credit: CBS)

Alfonso Palma talks with CBS4’s Jeff Todd. (credit: CBS)

“Just went like that, and fell down. And the car passed on top of me,” said Palma.

It was dark, cold and snowing along the stretch of road near the entrance to Beaver Creek.

Palma says he was walking against traffic when he got hit.

“It was 20 or 25 minutes before somebody stopped and asked me if I was okay,” said Palma, “They said they saw one of my shoes in the middle of the road and that’s why they turned back and found me in the side of the road.”

He’s spent the majority of the past week in the hospital with a long list of injuries.

All he says he wants is an apology.

“This is life, the damage is already done so all I can do is feel better and try and move on,” said Palma.

He bit all the way through his lip, has a number of bruises and cuts, and a bad leg injury.

“I didn’t realize I had a broken leg and they told me, ‘no you have a broken leg.’ I said ‘no I don’t,’” said Palma.

He now has a rod and a few screws in his leg.

Avon police are still searching for the car that hit Alfonso.

“He was just selfish for himself in the moment,” said Palma, “I don’t hate the person you know what I mean? I don’t hate the person.”

Police say the car likely has some front end damage and are urging anyone with information to call them.


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