(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – In the midst of the Arapahoe High School shooting several students said they used cellphones to stay in contact with their parents and let them know they were okay.

When the school went into lockdown not every student knew what was going on until told by others.

“We were in lockdown already and I thought it was just a drill but getting this text message made it real for me,” said one student.

The text message was from the student’s sister who told him that she was near the shooter.

He and his sister eventually made their way out of the school and to Shepard of the Hills Church where hundreds of students and parents were searching for each other.

Lisa Whitehead was one of those parents. She learned what had happened after her son Max sent her a text message.

“I got this text message that said, ‘Mom I’m fine, I’m locked in a class and I love you all.’ It’s probably the scariest text I’ve ever gotten,” said Lisa.

“I was in my classroom and then the police came and got us out. We ran through the hallways and just kept walking until we got to the church,” said Max.

Lisa rushed to the church not knowing for sure if her son ever made it out of the school.

“You don’t know if he’s there, if he’s getting interviewed or if he’s still under a desk in a classroom. You kind of don’t know what’s going on,” said Lisa.

Lisa and her husband waited for hours with dozens of other parents all waiting to be reunited with their children.

“They were doing the best they could to inform all of us. We just then tried to be patient and stand in line and wait for him to come out. Of course to see him, we couldn’t breath we were so excited to see him,” said Lisa.

Most parents were reunited with their children by Friday night.

Several students said they actually shared cellphones with each other trying to make sure that everyone had a chance to get a message to their families and let them know that they were okay.


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