BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – A judge on Tuesday ruled a man accused of snatching a little girl from her Aurora home will stand trial for the crime.

Johnathan Snorsky, 26, was ordered to stand trial after two women revealed more about his dark past.

Police say a Crime Stoppers tip from Snorsky’s foster mother led them to him. That’s when detectives took buckle swabs from Snorsky, which matched DNA left behind on the 8-year-old’s pajamas.

Snorsky claims he was high on LSD, needed money and attempted to break into the Aurora home to find a purse. Prosecutors say he went there to take the little girl. They’re also charging him with child enticement.

“That just has to be the person’s intent. So it’s an attempted sexual assault, or sexual content, or any sexual crime,” Adam’s County District Attorney Dave Young said.

The 8-year old child’s parents were in court for the preliminary trial. Their daughter told police that Snorsky removed the screen from her bedroom window. She also told police she told Snorsky she doesn’t talk to strangers and he replied, “I know your parents,” and that he wanted a hug.

The girl said Snorsky pulled her out the window by her legs. Her parents heard her screaming and her father ran to her rescue in the alley behind their house.

One of the people who tipped of police was Snorsky’s foster mother, who called after seeing a sketch. She told police she was concerned about his previous sexual behaviors, allegedly sending her sexual texts and graphic photos. She also allegedly found him looking at child pornography.

Police say the other woman tipster knew Snorsky from her brother and says within the last year she allegedly caught him touching her daughter while they were sleeping.

Snorsky will be back in court in January for the trial.

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