AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A Marine veteran who is mourning the recent loss of a newborn says thieves took nearly $4,000 worth of equipment after breaking into his truck.

The criminals broke through the window of the cab to get in.

The break-in happened on an Aurora street where Isreal Showvaker says he had his parked on Tuesday night. Showvaker said he intentionally parked under a streetlight to deter potential thieves.

Isreal Showvaker talks with CBS4's Stan Bush. (credit: CBS)

Isreal Showvaker talks with CBS4’s Stan Bush. (credit: CBS)

Showvaker says the stolen items, which include climbing ropes, are critical to his family tree cutting business. He says most people wouldn’t have much use for the gear, but it’s critically important to the work he does.

“They got in there, opened bags and saw there were things in there and they figured it was worth something,” he told CBS4.

Showvaker hopes his tree cutting company will grow into something he can pass on, but he worries the break-in will ruin him.

“Now I have to take the little bit of savings that I have and re-buy equipment and start over. It took me 2 and a half years to accumulate that stuff,” he said.

Showvaker says his job has protected his family through crisis.

In August his wife Liz Showvaker gave birth to twin girls Maria and Annabelle. They were 11 weeks premmature.

After a series of complication Annabelle died eight weeks later.

“These are her sister’s footprints the night she passed away. She was 2 pounds, 2 ounces and 15 inches long,” Liz said.

Showvaker barely had time to stop.

“The day after the twins were born he was working. And I don’t know how he kept his head straight, but he was working to make sure we could go by day to day,” Liz said.

The Showvakers hope the burglars will realize the damage they have done and help this family change their luck.

“It makes me wonder what kind of bad karma we had coming our way,” Showvaker said.


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