BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The search is on for two armed men who got away with nearly $11,000 worth of medical marijuana in Boulder County.

The crime happened in just three minutes and was captured on multiple surveillance cameras around the building. Investigators say two masked gunmen stormed the dispensary and held up two employees.

“Two guys broke in the front and back door, came in, one of the guys had gun and told my employees to get on the ground,” New Age Wellness dispensary owner Derek King said.

The suspects left behind all of the edible pot but took all of the marijuana on the shelves and inside a safe. The robbers may have had inside information on the shop. King says they knew exactly when to strike.

“They came in while we were closing, so we were packing things into the safe,” King said.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Department interviewed King and the employees who were held up.

King has now changed the store’s locks and restocked as much as they could from their own growing source.

No arrests have been made.

Investigators are closely examining the video taken inside by multiple cameras and the subjects who were caught on camera. King hopes someone might recognize the disguises that are hard to miss.

“They were completely covered head to toe — gloves, masks, mouths were covered; it was like wetsuit on their face.”


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