Jason Grimmer

Jason Grimmer (credit: Longmont Times-Call)

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – The coroner’s office in Boulder County has released the cause of death for a 16-year-old more than 10 months after the incident.

Jason Grimmer was in a street in Longmont on New Year’s Eve when he was hit. The driver took off, and police said afterwards the case was a hit and run.

Now the coroner says the cause of death is undetermined.

The coroner’s report states Grimmer died of blunt force injuries to his head, chest and abdomen, but the extent of what might have been injuries prior to being hit by the car are unknown.

Grimmer was reportedly trying to run from a fight.

“We do know there was a fight between a group beforehand and one of the things we don’t know is why he was in the street,” Longmont police spokesman Cmdr. Jeff Satur said.

An official in the coroner’s office pointed out that the the driver hasn’t been found, and that those factors played into the undetermined finding. (The manner of death can technically be listed as homicide, suicide, natural, accidental or undetermined.)

Family members say they know Grimmer was heavily intoxicated at the time of his death.

“We would very much like to know how Jason died and what happened,” said Ellen Waltz, Grimmer’s grandmother.

Longmont police are still investigating the case.

Waltz says she and Grimmer’s relatives still are hoping someone will come forward with helpful information in the case.

“Tell someone,” she said. “So we can have the answers we need and hopefully start to heal from all of this.”


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