AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Aurora police believe they’ve tracked down the man who attempted to kidnap a little girl from her bedroom.

Johnathan Snorsky, 26, has actually been in custody at the Arapahoe County Jail since Tuesday, the day after the 8-year-old girl was taken from her bedroom. She got away and her description was key in tracking him down

“It was very important; she’s a bright young lady and very, very brave young girl,” Division Chief Rob McGregor with Aurora police said.

Police arrested Snorsky at his home in East Aurora the day after the crime for an unrelated charge. Neighbors had no idea the man living down the street was the man police were looking for.

“All this news is just shocking to us,” neighbor Carlos Ramirez said.

Snorksy describes himself as a self-taught artist. On his personal website he describes a tormented childhood and being in and out of jail for burglary. Now he says he’s a guide for broken children.

Franco Argueta says he saw Snorsky’s other side when he briefly displayed his pictures at his art gallery

“Some of his art was edgy and a little disturbing,” Argueta said. “He made some of the members a little nervous because of his obsession more with himself than the passion for art.”

In a YouTube video Snorsky said he wants to help children through art.

“Give them something to dream about more than just sitting on the corner and selling drugs or go robbing people, because life is so short and there’s so much to it,” Snorsky said in the video.

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A woman CBS4 spoke to at his home described herself as his mother figure. She didn’t want to go on camera but said she hadn’t wrapped her head around his arrest. Her neighbors were shocked to learn why police were in their neighborhood.

“You start thinking, ‘I’m going to behave a little more cautious and start locking every window, every door,’ ” Ramirez said.

Court documents are expected to be released Monday with more details about the case.

Aurora police are urging anyone who may have been in contact with Snorksy to give their investigators a call right away.


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