BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – An escapee from the Denver Jail is now behind bars in Boulder.

Police arrested Eugene Martinez last week and charged him with sexually assaulting two women after he escaped. Now they say he may have committed more crimes.

Some of the items found by police (credit: CBS)

Some of the items found by police (credit: CBS)

Martinez was only free for 10 days before he was caught and jailed, but investigators have new evidence that indicates Martinez went on a crime spree after escaping from jail.

Police have now linked Martinez to a third sex assault and two burglaries in Boulder and believe he may be responsible for other crimes as well.

Police have released photos of stolen belongings, including some jewelry, electronics, bikes and even women’s underwear. Police found the stolen property at the transient camp where they arrested Martinez. Some of the items have linked to other burglaries.

“We have other items that we’ve found that we haven’t tied to anything, so we don’t know if those are unreported burglars or maybe unreported assaults or sex assaults,” Kim Kobel with Boulder police said. “Based on his criminal history, his long criminal history, we’re really concerned there are more victims out there.”

Martinez has a long history of sex offenses, including sex assault on a child. He is being held on a $3 million bond.

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