BERTHOUD, Colo. (CBS4) – The Larimer County Sheriff’s Department is now running the police department in the town of Berthoud after the small town put some of its officers on administrative leave because allegations were made against them.

Sources told CBS4’s Nina Sparano that it’s a criminal investigation. The details are all being tightly protected by the sheriff’s office, town administrators and surrounding law enforcement.

CBS4 learned there is an internal investigation of the police department. The Berthoud police chief and seven of the town’s police officers are on administrative leave.

“The town has not substantiated any of the allegations, and the police officers of the town, like other citizens, are presumed innocent until proven otherwise,” the Town of Berthoud said in a statement.

Residents CBS4 spoke with said they are shocked by the news. Most of them knew nothing about it. For some, the idea of their entire department being under investigation is scary.

“The safety aspect doesn’t make me feel very safe and it makes me wonder,” resident Kathy Heckman said. “But until we hear all sides of the story, we can’t really judge.”

According to the Loveland Police Department, investigators executed a search warrant on the Berthoud police chief’s office on Oct 3. They wouldn’t comment on what happened or why the search was executed.

Until the investigation is complete, Sgt. John Fayen of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department will be the acting police chief.


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