DENVER (CBS4) – A neighborhood in East Denver is on alert after parents say a man tried to abduct their daughter over the weekend, and it’s not the only case.

The most recent possible attempted abduction happened near 1st Avenue and Dahlia Street. It’s a neighborhood in between two popular parks.

Denver police aren’t saying much about the recent incident, but parents in the neighborhood had plenty to say.

“She was very freaked out, I mean she was shaking and screaming, ‘He tried to take me, he tried to take me!’ “ said Nancy, a parent who didn’t want CBS4 to use her last name.

Parents say it’s a very safe area, or at least they thought it was.

“A man came up and approached my 5-year-old,” Nancy said.

Nancy wanted to share what happened to her daughter on a recent afternoon in their front yard.

“He pulled up to our sidewalk here and yelled at her and said, ‘Hey little girl, if you get in my van with me I’ll give you a shiny new purple train,’ ” she said.

Fortunately her daughter ran in the house, but it left parents in the neighborhood worried.

“I’m a little bit more aware of what’s around us and what we’re seeing,” a parent in nearby Robinson Park said.

Last month there was a report of an attempted abduction blocks away in Crestmoor Park.

“The guy started following us and right down on the curb he said, ‘I know you, get in,’ “ a young boy told CBS4.

Denver police say they don’t believe the incidents are related but neighbors say related or not they are frightening.

“Pretty shook up to think that your child could be taken, and very, very scary,” Nancy said.

There has been an arrest made in the Crestmoor Park case but police are still investigating this most recent incident.


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