DENVER (CBS4)– Fight the flu now. Don’t wait to get your flu shot. That’s advice from health experts on this year’s flu season.

Even those who are allergic to eggs or have a fear of needles can rest easy. This year there is something for everyone when it comes to being vaccinated against the flu.

“Protect yourself and your family this year by getting your flu vaccine at your Safeway pharmacy,” said Safeway employee Alicia Garcia.

Garcia has been there and she said it’s not worth it to take the risk, “Headaches, aches, very weak, couldn’t get out of bed at all.”

Garcia gets the traditional shot in the muscle that protects against three flu virus strains.

Doctors also carry one for people with severe egg allergies.

There is also a high-dose flu shot for the elderly, a preservative-free version for those who are pregnant and a flu mist which is a nasal spray that this year offers protection against four flu strains.

“It’s great for my kids, my kids love it,” said one parent.

There is also another option for those who are fearful of needles or the pain sometimes associated with the flu shot. It’s the “intradermal” shot which uses a small needle and goes under the skin and not into the muscle.

“I never get the flu anyway,” said Kathy Bridges McMahon. She said that is just one of the many excuses people give for not getting the flu shot, but maintains there is really no excuse for not protecting yourself.

Safeway Pharmacy Director David Rogers offers an incentive to customers to get their flu shot at Safeway- 10 percent off groceries.

“We want the best in their health and wellness,” said Rogers.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment last flu season there were 1,500 hospitalizations from the flu statewide. Five children died.


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