Why you should be selfish? To save the ones you love!

A recent news story by CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger featured Jack Jobe of Aurora, also known as “Survivor Jack.” To mark National Preparedness Month (September) Jobe is acting as a guest blogger for CBSDenver.com and provides Preparedness Tips.

(credit: Jack Jobe)

Learn 1st Aid — In an Emergency, YOU are Your Doctor … till help arrives.

Imagine for a few seconds You are in a car wreck with your family or friends.

Three of them are groaning or crying.

What action do you perform first?

IF you had no clue, You are Not Alone. Most of us haven’t been trained on how to react in a crisis. There are wonderful, challenging programs from basic 1st Aid & CPR to CERT’S (Community Emergency Response Teams) and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).

Learn 1st Aid at least! IF you were injured, You are Your closest 1st Responder.

(credit: Jack Jobe)

(credit: Jack Jobe)

Would you know how to increase your chances of survival? Make and put on a tourniquet, for example?

From the Boston Bombings, to all of the Mass Shootings, the closest 1st Responders were people just like you and me who weren’t injured. I speak from experience. Nothing makes you feel worse than standing by helplessly not knowing what to do at a tragedy. Learn 1st Aid!

When disasters happen, some people freeze, others run and some people’s training kicks in. Learn how to react – to save your own life or someone else’s. You can’t help your family IF you don’t survive. Be Selfish, Learn 1st Aid – Your Life might depend on it!

To Be Continued: TIP #3 – How do I start on a budget?

Jack Jobe– “Survivor Jack” Jobe is an Emmy-nominated Photojournalist. Survivor Jack’s Mission is to promote 1st Aid and Survival Training through Entertaining Education. Jack@SurvivorJack.com

LINK: The National Preparedness Community


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