A recent news story by CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger featured Jack Jobe of Aurora, also known as “Survivor Jack.” To mark National Preparedness Month (September) Jobe is acting as a guest blogger for CBSDenver.com and provides Preparedness Tips.


Why Should You & Our Community Be Better Prepared?

120 years ago, when you left home, you took everything you needed: food, water, blankets and more. You also had survival skills from living more closely with nature. Today, a Virtual Reality Family couldn’t build a fire in Real Reality without matches or a lighter, and how many of you carry one?

Being Prepared Begins in Your Mind. IF you are intelligent and can afford it, you probably have Health, Life, Home and Auto Insurance, maybe more. Having several months of food, water and sanitation supplies (possible even in an apartment), gives you Survival Insurance. You’ll gain Confidence knowing you can take care of yourself and your family during a crisis.

Remember: the Government and Aid Organizations tell us it will be days to reach some victims. How would you cook if the Utilities were down for weeks? Research Hurricane Sandy and Katrina here in the U.S. if you need reminders of how long Utilities were down.

Your Survival begins with YOU putting into action, the most powerful survival tool this planet has ever created — your Brain.

Disaster strikes in an instant — from car wrecks to Earthquakes and worse. Honestly — Are You Ready? Your Family? Your Company?

To Be Continued … TIP #2 – Why you should be selfish to save the ones you love?

Jack Jobe– “Survivor Jack” Jobe is an Emmy-nominated Photojournalist. Survivor Jack’s Mission is to promote 1st Aid and Survival Training through Entertaining Education. Jack@SurvivorJack.com

LINK: The National Preparedness Community


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