BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– The bears camped out in a tree in Boulder much of Tuesday haven’t been seen Wednesday morning.

A mother bear and her two cubs weren’t seen Wednesday after spending Tuesday in a tree in a Boulder neighborhood.

The mother bear had been previously tagged so wildlife officers were concerned the situation could end badly.

In Colorado’s two strikes rule if the mother bear has to be relocated again, wildlife officers have to put her down.

Wildlife officials said they believe the trio climbed down from the tree and returned to higher ground.

The mother bear was first tagged and relocated two years ago.

Officers were using noise-makers in hopes of keeping the bears in the tree until dark Tuesday and then gave the bears space to move out on their own.

Officers said they can’t continue to relocate a nuisance bear and the cubs may not be old enough to survive on their own.

It’s the time of year bears are fattening up for hibernation. They need to take in 20,000 calories a day. Wildlife officers hope the case serves as a reminder to everyone to not make it easy for bears to get food in town.


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