DENVER (CBS4) — A former Aurora teacher who was driving when she struck an East High School student on her way to school will not serve jail time.

Erin Jackson, 30, was sentenced to five years probation Friday after striking a deal with prosecutors. She pleaded guilty Aug. 5 to attempting to leave the scene of the accident that caused serious bodily injury.

Jackson was accused of running a red light Feb. 27 and striking Deyondrah Bridgeman as the girl was in a crosswalk near East High School in Denver.

The crash left the 16-year-old girl with a brain injury.

Jackson turned herself in to police a day after the crash. She told police she didn’t know that she had hit anyone. But the judge didn’t believe her and said she should be locked up.

“When you look at the video tape part of it makes you think, ‘Well, maybe she didn’t’ because she didn’t stop or skid she just kept going. But when you see the impact and damage to the vehicle… she had to know,” said Denver Chief Deputy DA Henry Cooper.

In addition to the five years probation the judge suspended Jackson’s license for two years and sentenced her to 350 hours of community service with brain trauma patients.

Bridgeman continues to receive daily therapy at a rehabilitation facility in Nebraska.

“She was an amazing friend,” said Bridgeman’s friend Angela Wooster. “When I first saw her it was basically a shell in a bed and then she made more progress and is coming back to life.”

Jackson remained silent during the sentencing. She didn’t offer an apology to Bridgeman’s family, instead offering them a sealed envelope with a letter inside for her family to read when they’re ready.

Restitution will be determined in 90 days.


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