DENVER (CBS4) – Whose house is it anyway? Huge banners featuring quarterbacks Peyton Manning and — Joe Flacco? — have been hung outside of Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Broncos fans are fine with Manning, but they want to know why the competing quarterback is there as well.

Peyton Manning and Joe Flacco

Peyton Manning and Joe Flacco’s images are shown on screens outside Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Aug. 27, 2013. (credit: CBS)

The stadium isn’t the only place the banners are flying. They are also in place along the 16th Street Mall in advance of the NFL’s upcoming kickoff game between the Broncos and the Ravens.

“It’s kind of a disgrace that they’re up, not going lie,” Broncos fan Randall Stone said. “After Peyton Manning last year did a 13-3 record, I really feel like they shouldn’t be up right now.”

“With the history of last year, I think we should only have Broncos banners. It is kickoff week and everything, but it’s still Denver, we’re still all Broncos fans here, so I think they should change that,” Broncos fan Dane Kelley said.

The Broncos sounded off on the issue on Twitter saying the following:

Peyton Manning also had something to say about it, telling 850 KOA radio “It doesn’t seem like it makes sense.”

Here were the reactions from two different CBS4 newscasters on Monday night:

Vic Lombardi: Why is the NFL decorating our mall? This isn’t our color scheme. We don’t need Joe Flacco reminding us that there’s a football game next week. It’s almost an insult … it is an insult! Is the NFL not aware of the pain this man and this team inflicted on this city? The scab has not healed. This wound is still fresh!

Critic at Large Greg Moody: As if the NFL isn’t setting enough rules already with new bag policies and such, now the league is requiring the banners to be hung around the city. It adds insult to injury — like pouring salt into the wound of last year’s playoff loss.

The Broncos host Flacco & Co. on Thursday, Sept. 5. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m.


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