DENVER (CBS4)– A Colorado lawmaker has apologized for comments that many people found offensive.

Sen. Vicki Marble, a Republican representing Fort Collins, made the statements at a task force meeting at the state Capitol on Wednesday. Several lawmakers were stunned.

Marble said she was misunderstood and offered an explanation of what she meant.

She was speaking at an economic opportunity and poverty task force meeting when she said, “When you look at life expectancy there are problems in the Black race. Sickle Cell Anemia is something that comes up, diabetes is something that is prevalent in the genetic make-up and you just can’t help it.”

But she didn’t stop there.

“Although I gotta say I have never had better BBQ and better chicken and ate better in my life than when you go down South. I mean, I love it. And everybody loves it.”

Rep. Rhonda Fields, a Democrat representing Aurora was also on the task force and at the meeting. She was not amused.

“I will not engage in a dialogue where I am in the company where you are using the stereotype references about African Americans and chicken and food. I will not tolerate that this is not what this committee is about,” said Fields.

Marble issued a statement that reads, in part, “My comments were not meant to be disparaging to any community. I am saddened they were taken in that regard.”

Rep. Joe Salazar has proposed having a community discussion about what was said. He tweeted about the idea on Thursday.

  1. creativelybrown says:

    Reblogged this on Creatively Brown and commented:
    I’ve read the comments that alleged that she said something racist. I didn’t see any words in the comments that have been posted as racist. She made comments about diabetes and sickle cell and then went on to mention Southern food(Which lets face it, most people in the south, blacks and whites eat lots of food that are unhealthy because its the culture of southern food), and did make a interesting comment about Mexicans and how in Mexico they eat more healthy than they do when they come to America…(Which is a inference about American Culture and food). That is pretty much the same when poor people visit neighborhood Chinese eateries versus Authentic Asian Cuisine which doesn’t include all the fatty ingredients, which is why you see many Asians are smaller because they don’t eat the same foods they make in poor communties.

    Lastly She said “SHE” likes fried chicken and BBQ. She never once mentioned fried chicken and poverty, and in fact according the comments she never mentioned poverty.

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