AGATE, Colo. (CBS4) – Fire investigators are working to determine what started a fire in Elbert County that destroyed a home.

(credit: Doug Rightmire)

(credit: Doug Rightmire)

The fire broke out early Thursday at 23698 Lost Creek Trail near the towns of Agate and Limon.

“It was incredible. In 15 minutes the whole house was engulfed in flames,” neighbor Phil Zajac told CBS4.

Seven people lived in the home and safely escaped.

Narrow roads leading to the home and no access to water made things difficult for fire crews.

“We had to let the house burn. We didn’t have enough water to put the fire out,” North Central Fire Department Chief Eric Rinehart said. “The best we could do at the time was to keep it from spreading to the trees and the outbuildings.”

“Living out here we know that if you get a fire like that everything’s going to go,” Zajac said. “But did everyone get out? That’s the important thing. Everyone is safe and we’re thankful.”

Neighbors are helping the family by trying to provide water to their animals as crews work to restore power on the property.


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