DENVER (CBS4) – If you’re sneezing and sniffling you’re not alone. Allergy season is back with a vengeance for some late-summer suffering.

If you’re feeling under the weather blame the weather; rain followed by heat has led to misery for many.

Alesha Anderson is one of those suffering.

“Runny nose, itchy eyes. You feel sleepy and you don’t want to do anything,” said Anderson.

In addition to allergies Anderson also battles asthma. She stays on top of her medications at National Jewish Health’s Morgridge Academy, a school for children diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

“If you’re weed sensitive this is the time of year you’re going to be miserable,” said National Jewish Health Allergy Specialist Dr. Rohit Katial.

But this year the weeds have been especially wicked.

“Some of the folks are saying, ‘Last year I didn’t have this problem but this year I’m really feeling it,’ ” Katial said.

He said heavy rain and then temperatures pushing 100 degrees have created a heyday for ragweed, sage and tumbleweed. There’s also plenty of pollen circulating.

“The intensity of it may go down here in the coming weeks and months but it does last until the first frost,” said Katial.


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