An image from the scene (credit: CBS)

An image from the scene (credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police are trying to find the driver of a vehicle who crashed into a bus stop and struck three people.

An image of the suspected driver taken by a witness at the scene (credit: CBS)

An image of the suspected driver taken by a witness at the scene (credit: CBS)

A vehicle hit people at a bus stop at the intersection of East Colfax Avenue and Josephine Street at approximately 2 p.m.

Three people were hit and one was seriously hurt. The two others escaped serious injuries but were still taken to the hospital.

According to police, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene on foot and officers are actively searching for the man. A witness took a photo of the man who the person said was the driver and supplied it to police.

Some witnesses told CBS4 they tried to chase the driver to stop him but he got away.

“One leg was folded over the car and the other leg had a piece of bench through it and both of his legs I believe were broken,” said witness Heidi Vandergreen.

There happened to be an orthopedic surgeon who was getting his hair cut at a nearby barber shop. He was one of the first people on the scene and he described one of the victim’s traumatic and extremely graphic injuries.

“When I got closer I noticed that he had large lacerations and looked to be bone protruding out of both legs, possibly bilateral open tibia fractures,” Dr. Michael Shen said. “Then upon looking at some of the debris around him, it looked like he may have been impaled by the fence post.”

Many witnesses rushed to help those injured.

“We grabbed bandages and gloves and everything we could then all the ambulances showed up,” said Vandergreen.

All three were rushed to Denver Health Medical Center. Two had been released as of Wednesday morning. The other victim remained hospitalized with serious injuries.

Others tried to stop the driver as he ran away. Some took cell phone video of the man.

Officers are viewing that video and other footage taken by nearby HALO cameras to see if they can find any helpful images to track down the driver.

The car was towed away as evidence and will be examined as part of the investigation. Police do not believe the vehicle was stolen.


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