DENVER (CBS4) – Family and friends celebrated the life of a Wheat Ridge woman killed back in February.

Leann “Annie” Meyer’s remains were found July 4 in Park County. She disappeared in February. Her roommate, Melissa Miller, was arrested July 15 in connection with the murder.

Meyer loved playing golf and Willis Case Golf Course in Denver was her favorite place, which is why the family thought it was the best place to let her go.

“It’s tough. You don’t know what to do,” said Mark Meyer, Annie Meyer’s brother.

After five months, Mark Meyer is ready to relieve the pressure of his grief.

“The pressure of this whole case that’s driving us crazy in the family,” Mark Meyer said. “Finding Annie’s remains gave us some good closure. Today we’re celebrating the life of my sister, not mourning her death.”

Pictures are worth a thousand words about Meyer’s life, and so are her family’s words.

“God by the way, if Annie isn’t paying attention, will you tell her to put her wine glass down and stop playing golf for just a little bit?” one of her family members said in a speech at the service.

Hundreds reflected on the sister, daughter, aunt and friend taken too soon.

“I hope the trial is a speedy trial, and I hope the person who did this to Annie is punished,” Annie’s mother Pat Meyer said.

Pat Meyer is left with more questions than answers about her daughter’s murder as she accepted the flag for her daughter’s eight years of service in the U.S. Air Force.

“It’s been hard, but we just all felt closer to Annie by being here,” Pat Meyer said.

And with the swing of a golf club, Meyer’s spirit and her brother’s anguish are set free.

Melissa Miller in court on Tuesday (credit: CBS)

Melissa Miller in court (credit: CBS)

“I know she’s smiling at us,” Mark Meyer said. “I know she’s not lonely anymore. I think that’s the important part. She’s celebrating with us.”

The family plans to hold another memorial in Minnesota where Meyer is from. Meanwhile, her roommate Melissa Miller has not been formally charged in the case. She’s expected back in court next month.


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