A composite of the suspect (credit: Aurora Police Department)

A composite of the suspect (credit: Aurora Police Department)

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Aurora are searching for a teenager who attacked a jogger and a reward is being offered for information that leads to his arrest.

Police released a composite of the suspect on Friday.

The attack occurred on the Cherry Creek spillway trail. The jogger fought back and she won.

Police said the suspect can be identified by is his unkempt or “skater” hair and he has some fresh scratches on his face and neck.

“They all describe him as a young kid,” Officer Frank Fania with the Aurora Police Department said. “That’s kind of scary that a young kid is trying to do something like this.”

He’s 15 to 18 years old. Police said as the woman was jogging she passed the suspect as he walked. She says the suspect than started running and as she realized he was behind her, he grabbed her. She said he dragged her into tall grass and a full-on fight ensued.

“She was able to do some things that would probably cause a great deal of pain to a male; ended up getting on top of him, tells him he messed with the wrong girl. She gets up and runs off,” Fania said.

The suspect then ran into a condominium complex. He told the woman he wanted money.

“Even though he didn’t talk about a sexual assault, you don’t know what his true intentions were,” Fania said.

Aurora police are offering a $2,000 reward on top of the Crime Stoppers $2,000 reward.


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