LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are looking for a sexually violent predator now on the run after being paroled.

Authorities confirm Nick R. Medina was supposed to be staying at the Lakewood Lodge after he was released from prison on June 5 but cut off his ankle monitor and left.

Medina was checking in daily with his parole officer until June 30. Now police say there is no sign of him and they need to find him as soon as possible.

Medina is classified as a sexually violent predator, a category reserved for a very small number of sex offenders. Out of about 400 registered in Lakewood, only eight are considered to be a sexually violent predator.

Medina served time for sex assault on a child. He was being monitored with an ankle monitor but on June 30 the Department of Corrections says a tamper alert registered to his ankle monitor and Medina hasn’t returned to the motel.

Given his status as a sexually violent predator, police need to find Medina fast.

“Those people are the ones that are the most at risk to reoffend,” Steve Davis with the Lakewood Police Department said. “They really have a high potential of reoffending. Given that and also the fact that we know that he is a gang member, that gives us a lot of concern.”

The Department of Corrections issued a warrant for medina on July 1. Anyone who may have seen him is asked to police immediately.


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