FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– Zach Golditch is a new member of the Colorado State University football team which is especially impressive since it’s only been a year since he was shot in the neck at the Aurora Theaters.

That’s when his world, but not his long time goals, changed. The bullet just missed his spine so the fact that he can sprint and tackle, charge and practice on the football field is something he appreciates daily.

Every day during his recovery he kept his focus on the goal of playing college football and yet he can’t believe his dream has really come true.

“It still hasn’t hit me that much until fall football comes around and everyone is dressed up in their uniforms,” said Golditch.

He is already living on the CSU campus for football practice and summer school. He is anxious to talk about his new life as a college student but he’s reluctant to discuss the shooting, his injury or his recovery.

“Just tired emotionally because I mean it’s the same thing over and over again,” said Golditch.

Golditch wants to be known as a lineman on the football team, not an Aurora survivor.

He wants respect as a person, and a player, not as someone who endured a frightening night in a movie theater. Yet he quietly uses what he’s been through to be a leader both on and off the field.

“Puts me in scenarios where I can take my experiences and help other people,” said Golditch.

Golditch admits to having lingering pain from his injury, but he won’t let it sideline him. Fans cheered for this 6-foot-6 inch player in high school and he certainly deserves all the shout outs that will come in his future.


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