Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorThe FDA gave the a-OK for a new flu vaccine today that may allow people with egg allergies to be immunized every year.

It’s called “FluBlock.” And it’s made without eggs in the recipe.

The flu vaccines that have been around for years are typically manufactured with the help of eggs — the virus is grown and incubated in an egg before it is inactivated, then put in vaccine form.

So … in years past — egg allergies and flu shots were a no-go. That will change this upcoming flu season.

If you have egg allergies, you probably can get this one.

The main drawback: age. At this point, it is only approved for adults ages 18-49.

No kids (who incidentally are most prone to egg allergies) will be given this new vaccine — at least, not yet.


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