DENVER (CBS4) – Some gun owners are having a tough time buying bullets because of a shortage of some kinds of ammunition.

CBS4’s news partners at the Denver Business Journal investigated the problem this week and DBJ’s Dennis Huspeni stopped by CBS4 studios to talk about the report.

“This had to be one of the most frustrating stories I’ve done because the first question the reporter wants to answer is, ‘Why?’ And I couldn’t get an answer to that. It was all over the board, from political reasons to Colorado’s new gun laws, but it’s happening nationwide; to conspiracy theorists saying that the government is buying up the rounds; to people saying there are not enough parts like powder, primer and brass,” Huspeni said.

Huspeni said the manufacturers say they are running full shifts, 24/7, three shifts a day, and they can’t keep up with the demand.

“I talked to an owner at G&G Guns in Lakewood and I think he had the best explanation. He said it was fear and greed. There is a fear out there that you are going to lose your guns,” Huspeni said. “So they are buying them up and hording. And the greed element is there are people with money that know that is happening and they are snapping up all of the rounds and turning them around and selling them at a high profit.”

The gun stores are doing anything they can to get ammunition.

“The bigger stores like Gander Mountain I talked to, they buy in such big bulk that they’re first in line. The biggest dog gets to eat first. So they get bullets and they are able to provide, when they can, depending on the kind bullets. The smaller retailers are scrambling and finding them on the Internet. They are going to the Tanner Gun Show and trying to find them to sell for their customers.”

Watch the entire interview with Huspeni in the video below:

denver business journal Denver Business Journal Investigates Ammunition ShortageRead more on the website of CBS4 partner the Denver Business Journal.


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