ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr has addressed his inmate cap that policy police chiefs criticized, saying it puts citizens at risk by limiting the number of inmates from local cities.

Darr explained it years ago. He said county commissioners cut his budget due to tough economic times, which limits the amount of employees he could hire. He insisted the Adams County Sheriff’s Office did not cause the issue, and he’s doing what he can to keep his staff safe.

Police chiefs claim Darr has been refusing to take City of Aurora prisoners and detain in them in the Adams County Jail as sentenced.

“We don’t have the staff or the housing units in the Adams County Jail. We have been bursting at the seams,” Darr said.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon Darr explained the more violent offenders from other jurisdictions are accepted, but some less violent offenders are rejected to prevent a safety issue over population.

“This is a public safety crisis. This will impact crime in our communities,” Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said.

On Tuesday Oates expressed concern for public safety. Darr said that’s not an issue.

“We do not release violent offenders into the community,” Darr said.

Rejected prisoners are taken to the Denver jail, which can cost more money. Darr explained there’s a cap on the number of prisoners from other cities that can safely be accepted in the Adams County Jail.

The Adams County commissioners did pass a resolution saying there is no cap on inmates from other jurisdictions. But Darr said it is simply a staff safety issue. He plans to stay on the course and continue to look at risk assessment with the resources he’s been given.


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