DENVER (CBS4) – Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire that damaged the Church of the Ascension early Monday morning, but on Saturday parishioners were concentrating on rebuilding.

The church held a yard sale to help the effort. It was packed with people looking for a good bargain.

“This is our spiritual home. This is where we gather every week to worship. This is where friendships are made, where families have grown up together,” Father Lucas Grubbs said.

Grubbs isn’t letting the fire shut his church down. Church members and the community are all pitching in in whatever way they can.

“It just makes me realize how strong and vibrant of a community this parish is,” Grubbs said.

“The church has been around for over 100 years, I’ve been to it,” a neighbor said. “It’s very sad that that happened, so anything to help them.”

The money raised from Saturday’s sale will go to cover the cost for necessary repairs inside and outside of the church. Until then, church members will have to find a different room to worship in.

“We’re going to have church in the parish hall. We found out we’re not going to be able to use our worship space for quite some time,” Grubbs said.

An image from the church (credit; CBS)

An image from the church (credit; CBS)

Grubbs estimates it’ll take months to rid the church pews of the smoke smell, repair the broken stained glass windows, and fix the fire damaged walls and roof. But no matter how long it takes he knows they’ll get the work done.

“We’re not going to let a small fire beat us,” he said.

Grubbs estimates repairs will cost up to $150,000.

For those who would like to donate to the church, vist the Church of the Ascension website.


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