DENVER (CBS4)– It seems to happen after disasters or a tragic event- scammers prey on people looking to do a good thing by donating to a particular cause.

Now someone is targeting those hoping to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Scam artists create fake charities and fundraisers to take advantage of good will.

The Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder saw its share of suspicious activity following last year’s wildfires and the Aurora theater shooting.

Now similar scams are happening in the aftermath of the Boston bombings.

The BBB said more than 125 fake charities have been created in the name of the tragedy.

The BBB said to follow these guidelines before donating money to a cause:

  • Verify the legitimacy of the fund before donating
  • Research contact information
  • Check scam warnings that have been broadcast by the media
  • Do not donate money to someone who goes door to door or solicits in a public place without checking it out first
  • Do not give donations over the phone
  • Do not pay with cash; a credit card is preferred
  • Refuse high-pressure appeals

Check to see if a charity is valid through the BBB serving Denver and Boulder.



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