COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado is one of North Korea’s targets, according to a propaganda video released Friday.

The video shows various targets like Honolulu, Washington, Los Angeles and Colorado Springs. But the video’s location of Colorado Springs is about 1,000 miles off. The target is actually closer to Louisiana.

It’s an apparent attempt to target the U.S.’s own missile defense at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which is based in Colorado Springs.

The threats come after a report from the Pentagon saying North Korea is capable of arming a ballistic missile with a nuclear bomb. The White House downplayed the report saying that a missile isn’t capable of reaching the United States.

A senior defense official says North Korea will likely test another missile within the next few days.

“I would expect that any North Korean missile launch probably would be into the open ocean and not specifically targeted toward Japan, the U.S., or South Korea,” said Gen. Richard Myers (Ret.). “That could precipitate a larger conflict and I don’t think that is the North wants to do right now. I think they just want to be provocative.”

The U.S. is getting a commitment from North Korea’s closest ally, China, to push the country to get rid of its nuclear weapons. Chinese leaders promise to defuse tensions with North Korea, but have not listed specifics. The defiant North Korean leader says he won’t back down.


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