DENVER (CBS4) – Evan Ebel had a long history of violence and CBS4 has obtained prison records that show the violence continued even while he was serving time.

Many of the documents are heavily redacted but still have some telling information. One concludes that after a risk assessment, Ebel was considered to be at a very high risk of recidivism. The odds he was given was two in three.

Ebel’s criminal history, along with his behavior behind bars, were carefully documented by the state. Parole records reveal Ebel’s trouble with other inmates and prison staff, including a fight with a corrections officer. He hit the officer in the face, breaking his glasses, and then threatened to kill him and his family. Ebel was sentenced for that assault. Several times he was punished for other threats and fighting with inmates.

The documents include a parole plan — what Ebel would do once he was released. His preference was to be under the care of his father and possible work in construction or an oil company.

The paperwork also highlights Ebel’s “risk control problems” and that he “needs continued correctional treatment.”

Despite all of his issues, another document states “offender’s conduct has improved in recent years.”

The Department of Corrections says a lot of the redacted information deals the names of DOC employees as well some of Ebel’s medical and mental health information.


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