DENVER (CBS4)– An SUV crashed into a home early this morning after the driver told police he swerved after someone stepped in front of his vehicle.

The Dodge Durango crashed into the home at 5195 Gill Place just after 6 a.m.

The homeowner and another her husband were inside at the time. Fortunately neither was hurt but they were pretty shaken up.

“What I heard was all this grinding. A crash and then the grinding. That’s when I got up and I walked to the back and asked my husband what was going on and he didn’t even notice the car in the front room,” said homeowner Gloria Solis.

The driver of the SUV was rushed to the hospital. The extent of his injuries are unknown.

Crews pulled out the SUV just before 8 a.m.

Police continue to investigate the crash. They do not believe alcohol was involved.

The driver has been cited with careless driving and failure to provide proof of insurance.

The damage to the home continues to be assessed by insurance adjusters. Construction crews began boarding up the home until the damage could be repaired.

Copter4 flew over a home where an SUV had crashed through the living room (credit: CBS)

Copter4 flew over a home where an SUV had crashed through the living room (credit: CBS)

The SUV driver has not been identified. The driver left a long path of debris and destruction, plowing into a fence and through the front yard before ending up inside Solis’ living room.

She is not angry at the driver just upset about all the mess.

“I don’t know how it happened. Accidents happen. I’m not angry at him, it’s horrible, horrible,” said Solis.


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