DENVER (CBS4)– The Amazing Race roller derby moms head into Sunday night’s episode in third place.

Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere are two women from Colorado who are competing in the reality show The Amazing Race Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBS4.

The pair is excited about their contending place on the show and talked about it on CBS4 News at Noon this week.

“We moved up quite a bit this week. We were really proud of ourselves because we weren’t sure where we were,” said Mona Egender.

“As you can see we’re a little surprised we’re in third place,” said Beth Bandimere.

“We were a target and we knew we were a target. It was us against the world at that point,” said Egender.

“It’s lonely,” said Bandimere when talking about the latest challenge.

The women also talked about the loss of a team after one of them was forced to drop out.

“That was a little bit shocking. Dave and Conner were really strong competitors and we knew from the get go that they would be a team we would really need to keep our eye on,” said Bandimere.

“They were amazing,” said Egender.

“The way he got hurt was just a complete freak accident,” said Bandimere. “He was smart, he removed himself. He was injured and it was time to go home but it was really disappointing.”

“They were great people,” said Egender.

The roller derby moms are members of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. They believe their training for that sport has helped them on The Amazing Race.

“We’re used to getting knocked around a little bit,” said Bandimere.

CBS4’s Alan Gionet took a few turns on the track with the Rollergirls. He learned the women make it look easy.

“I thought, ‘I’ll go skate with them. I’m an old hockey player I can deal with this stuff,'” said Alan Gionet. “This was a huge mistake for me. My knee is killing me.”

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“Alan you need to work on your aggressiveness a little bit,” said Egender.

“You kind of just took the hits. We were expecting to get a little more back,” said Bandimere.

“Maybe a little faster,” said Egender.

The duo believe that roller derby has earned its place as a legitimate sport after achieving sideshow status decades ago.

“It is totally different much like wrestling has evolved I think roller derby is a very serious sport. We have rankings, we have world rankings, we have tiers, we have different divisions, we take it really seriously. “said Egender.

“We train incredibly hard, we cross train, there are real injuries that happen, it’s not scripted. It’s kind of a hybrid of hockey and speed skating and it’s very, very physical but there are very strict rules.” said Bandimere.

Amazing Race roller derby moms will competing against each other on April 6.



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