BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Several homes were burglarized in Boulder by a pair of suspected thieves that have been described by one of their victims as “pretty bad robbers.”

Police in Boulder caught up to Lindsey Rast and John Bowden on Wednesday after Rast allegedly left behind an ID and cell phone while trying to get away.

Detectives said they burglarized at least four homes over a period of about three hours in and around the 1700 block of Columbine Ave. in Boulder.

In several cases the residents were home at the time the pair was rifling through their valuables and deciding what to take.

“Probably one of the most unexpected things I have ever experienced in my life. I just walked out my door and there were people trying to steal everything I own,” said burglary victim Carter Haun.

Haun said it was around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday when he walked out of the bathroom to find the pair gathering up all his stuff.

“They had all of our electronics, X-Box, everything bundled up in my sleeping bag,” said Haun. “They left a trail of all the stuff they stole.”

Haun screamed and the thieves ran away leaving behind most of their loot and some unmistakeable clues including a purse with an ID inside and a cell phone.

“It was in a way a gift to investigators. We don’t often get something handed to us like that,” said Boulder Police spokeswoman Kim Kobel.

Despite running away from Haun’s home, detectives said the pair continued on their crime spree, burglarizing at least three more homes.

Their behavior has been described as odd by their last victim, Dominic Fuller-Rowell who said he noticed snacks and juice missing from his fridge.

“He took Popsicles from the freezer and grapefruit juice from the fridge. Clearly no game plan,” said Fuller-Rowell.

The burglars also took electronics, alcohol and all of Fuller-Rowell’s clothes.

“From socks to underpants to everything. Very, very strange,” said Fuller-Rowell.

When police arrived Fuller-Rowell said Bowden came back and asked for a place to hide.

“They were pretty bad robbers,” said Haun. “They didn’t do a very good job.”


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