DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Rockies are embracing their past this season. Walt Weiss is their new manager and Dante Bichette is their hitting coach. In their 20-year history the Rockies haven’t had many hitters better than Bichette.

CBS4’s Gary Miller asked Bichette if there is a Dante Bichette School of Hitting.

“No. I’ve got what I feel like got me in the big leagues, kept me in the big leagues; two-strike approach. I can kind of give a little bit of that to these guys,” Bichette said. “Everybody is different. There’s no one way to skin this cat. The Hall of Fame is full of all kinds of different kinds of hitters. It’s my job to figure out each guy.”

Bichette said the best thing to do as a hitting coach is to get a young hitter to learn himself.

“When he knows himself, the adjustments, the down-times, the struggles are much shorter,” he said. “They can make adjustments a whole lot quicker.”

He said he wants to get the thunder back to the Rockies like when he played with the Blake Street Bombers.

“Obviously, I’m the hitting coach. That’s what I’d love for us to get back to being, and we’ve got the talent.”


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