DENVER (CBS4) – You might be on your way to the grocery store or to work, but if you hit a pothole, it can cost you. If you see one, there’s a way to get it fixed.

Potholes — they sound so small until you roll over one and your elevation drops. If you’ve ever wondered what causes potholes, try water, freezing temperatures and heavy vehicles which cause the pavement to break apart. They can rapidly develop into potholes that range from a little divot to a wheel aligning crevasse.

Maintenance crews are out daily — weather permitting — looking for and patching potholes. In warm weather most potholes are patched with hot asphalt, but in winter months the potholes are patched with cold asphalt to make the street safe until warm weather returns.

To report potholes in Denver, dial 311. You can report potholes outside of Denver by contacting the appropriate county. In area code 303, call: Unincorporated Jefferson County 271-5200; Adams County 853-7137; Broomfield County 438-6360; Golden County 215-8882 x2901; Boulder County ; Douglas County 660-7480; Aurora County 326-8200, and in area code 970, call: Arapahoe County 874-7623 and Fort Collins 221-6614.


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