DENVER (CBS4) – Roller Derby moms Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere from Denver are still alive in “The Amazing Race.” They stopped by CBS4 studios to talk about the competition.

The duo made a mistake in the first week by not reading carefully and it almost cost them everything. But they said they learned from that mistake.

“I have learned that you should always sign up on the first available open line and read your clue,” Egender said.

“I wanted to kill her for about five seconds. I decided that either one of us could have made the mistake and it was early enough on that we just had to gather ourselves and regroup,” Bandimere said.

Communication is clearly the key in the game and the two get a little bit of an edge over the contestants because of their roller derby history.

“We’re used to communicating on the track nonverbally and verbally, communicating under high stress and pressure situations,” Egender said. “So I think that helps.:

“Our whole relationship is based on competition. That’s how we met, that’s what we do two or three times a week,” Bandimere said. “So we understand mistakes happen.”

This Sunday the race goes to New Zealand. Watch in at 7 p.m. on CBS4.



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