AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Municipal crews across the Denver metro area have been working to clear ice and snow off sidewalks since last weekend’s snowstorm, but it hasn’t been easy.

One of the areas with the worst pileup of dirty snow and ice at bus stops and other pedestrian zones is Aurora. City officials admit things are a bit tricky right now for those on foot, but they hope to have most of it cleared up soon.

Public Works Superintendent Bill Lee says 20 trucks and other heavy equipment have been working non-stop since Sunday. Schools are the No. 1 priority, with sidewalks next on the list. He says crews are working as fast as they can, but the sheer amount of snow has made it difficult.

“Mother Nature definitely wins,” Lee said. “We take second nature to Mother Nature and we do the best we can with the eqiupment and staff we have.

Lee is asking residents to be patient until all the areas can be cleared.

“The sidewalks are all ice and you’re trying to handle that then you’re trying to climb over the ice to get on to the bus. It’s ridiculous,” Aurora resident Dan Moore said.

Frozen benches and walkways fit for a skating rink are serious hazards for bus riders like Brianna Halliburton.

“I was trying to get home and I slipped and caught myself, luckily on my hand,” she said. “It needs to be cleaned up, hopefully soon.”


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