DENVER (CBS4) – Where is Dylan Redwine? That question was the focus of the Dr. Phil Show Tuesday as he interviewed the missing teen’s parents.

The 14-year-old boy disappeared last November from his father’s home near Durango. As soon as the show hit the air tips from across the nation started flooding into the La Plata County Sheriff’s Department. Investigators were watching the show as well to see if they could pick up any new details.

The good news is Dylan’s picture was shown throughout the show and that has prompted many new tips already. The show also gave viewers a sense of how difficult the investigation has been for police trying to get any sort of concrete information out of the two very angry parents, Elaine and Mark Redwine.

“What is your greatest fear right now?” Dr. Phil asked Elaine Redwine.

“That he’s not alive,” she responded.

But the greatest source of conversation between the two divorced parents seemed to be their disdain for one another.

“Do you honestly, in your heart of hearts, believe that this woman is involved in the disappearance of your son?” Dr. Phil asked Mark Redwine.

“I believe that it’s possible,” he said.

The response to that answer was equally hostile.

“I know you know where Dylan is,” Elaine told Mark. “You need to bring him home and please; I hope you didn’t hurt him.”

Dylan Redwine (credit: La Plata County Sheriff)

Dylan Redwine (credit: La Plata County Sheriff)

Dr. Phil continually said they were there to talk about their son’s disappearance, but inevitably the conversation turned back to one another.

“You always, always – lie,” Elaine told Mark.

Dylan’s father said he took a polygraph test.

“They told me that I failed it. Then they told me it was inconclusive,” he said.

Dr. Phil will try again on Wednesday to elicit more information from Dylan’s parents. He offered to administer another polygraph test. Police investigating the case say they will also be watching the show as well for more insight.


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