DENVER (CBS4)– CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida said the conditions on board the embattled Carnival Cruise ship that lost power and had passengers sleeping on the deck and using garbage bags instead of the toilets can be dangerous.

The cruise ship has been at sea for a week. An engine-room fire Sunday left the ship powerless. More than 4,000 people are on board the Triumph expected to dock late Thursday night.

Passengers have worried aloud if they’ll be vulnerable to disease because of the unsanitary conditions on board.

“This ship is basically a floating Petri dish, you name the germ it could infect people. The big concern will be in the days and weeks to come. You will see salmonella, E.coli and other ingestive illnesses and respiratory germs and other illnesses for being in close unsanitary quarters,” said Hnida.

He said passengers will need to watch for any symptoms over the next few weeks.

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