DENVER (CBS4) – Former Broncos Long Snapper Lonie Paxton didn’t take long to find a new passion after he was released by the team.

A lot of former NFL players go into broadcasting after their playing days are over and get a job in front of the camera. Paxton became the camera after getting a job with Go Pro, makers of what they call the “world’s most versatile camera.”

“A good buddy of mine was the vice president of Red Bull and action sports has always been a love of mine,” Paxton said. “I was able to get in front of the right people after I got released in August. The transition has always been tough for guys, and I just kind of made my move quick and decided to hang them up and get into something I love.”

He’s been using his football contacts in his new job. He appeared at the Pro Bowl and took a group of players to a shark tank and took video.

“I put Caleb Hanie and Brock (Osweiler) in a cage on the North Shore and it was pretty funny how they reacted to it,” Paxton said.

Paxton said video technology is growing every day and it might not be long before football players have small cameras in their helmets.

“I’ve actually been hit up a lot recently about helmet cams and the technology of putting it in the helmet for every helmet sport,” he said. “I definitely see us moving in that direction. In the end we’re just trying to get the fan more involved in the experience of sports.”

He said every coach wants to see what their quarterback sees.

Paxton also talked a little bit about the Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ chances next year. He thinks the team will be even better.

“He’s learning the system more and I think they’ve got some new coaches coming that he knows. They’ve got (Eric) Decker and Demaryius (Thomas) coming back and there are some free agents out there and the defense is only getting better. I don’t see them stopping. It’s one or two plays and you’re in the Super Bowl.”

Paxton said if he was commissioner of the NFL he’d make some changes.

“I’d put some Go Pros in every stadium, on the coaches, start selling subscriptions to your favorite player,” he said while laughing. “We’d have some cams in some crazy areas.”

He sells as well as he snaps.

LINK: Go Pro


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