DENVER (CBS4)– As Valentine’s Day approaches financial planners believe there are ways to make sure the love of your life isn’t sucking the life out of your bank account.

Financial planner Nick Richtsmeier of Triology Financial Services said before you get swept off your feet make sure your partner is on firm financial footing.

“Finances are probably where all relationship problems show up,” said Richtsmeier.

Money may not seem romantic but different attitudes toward it can doom a relationship.

“The second you’re thinking of making a financial decision together you’ve got to know where someone is with their credit,” said Richtsmeier.

Short of checking their credit rating, there are 10 ways that suggest your significant other may be a financial deadbeat.

  • They always insist on picking up the check at a big dinner or throwing down a credit card without looking at the bill. This may be the sign of a big spender living beyond his means in an attempt to impress you.
  • They live in a large but sparsely furnished home. According to Thakor and Kedar, this can indicate your partner has, as they say in Texas, “a big hat, but no cattle.”
  • They avoid answering calls on their cell phone. This is a potential sign that your steady is avoiding bill collectors.
  • They lease a car. Yeah, this seems like a bit of a stretch to me too. However, leasing is often a sign of living beyond one’s means.
  • They ask you to buy things for them or cosign loans. But, Len, they always promise to pay me back. Okay. Let me know how that works out for you.
  • They have a lot of bills marked “urgent” or “past due.” This is another big financial red flag.
  • They have bills in somebody else’s name. It could be an ex-sweetheart’s bill, or indicate that your current lover couldn’t get an account on their own. Then again, it could also mean that the postman simply delivered the bill to the wrong person — so make sure you verify that address before you get too accusatory.
  • They admit that their credit cards are maxed out. This, too, is a great indicator of somebody having trouble living within their means.
  • They have a payday loan company magnet on the refrigerator door. Ah, yes … “Joe’s Payday Loans: When nobody else will loan you money. Not even your relatives.” Don’t laugh. Short of a loan shark, the payday loan company is typically the lender of last resort.
  • They have a live-in maid named “Mom.” Psst. Come closer. If you said “yes” to this one, and you happen to be in your lover’s house right now, listen to me very carefully. Put down the mouse. Then calmly walk out the door and get away. As fast as you possibly can.
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