DENVER (CBS4) – A second suspect involved a high-speed chase on Interstate 70 two weeks ago has been identified.

Colorado State Patrol troopers were trying to stop a BMW when another driver in an Impala tried to help the fleeing car and then was also chased.

Officers arrested Bridgette Sandoval after she crashed her Impala in Denver West and took refuge in a building, pilfering clothing to try to disguise herself as a janitor. But the other car and its driver were able to get away.

Bridgette Sandoval (credit: Colorado State Patrol)

Bridgette Sandoval (credit: Colorado State Patrol)

Police in Waco, Texas, now say they believe they have arrested the second driver. They have identified him as Christopher Villa, 29. He is a suspect in a chase near Moody, Texas.

Police in Waco said they recovered the BMW, which had be spray-painted.

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Villa initially was identified as Joe Ryan Vela, but that name proved to been an alias.

Texas police say Villa has a laundry list of convictions and warrants.


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