DENVER (CBS4) – A pro-gun rally was held on the steps of the state Capitol. It was one of several “Guns Across America” events that took place nationwide Saturday.

The protesters are hoping congressional leaders were listening, especially as Colorado legislators begin the drafting of new gun ownership restrictions. The rally’s message was made clear — they don’t want any discussion of gun ownership during the legislative session.

“A right to carry has existed in English common law since the 17th century and we’re not going to let them take it from us in the 21st, are we?” said Robert Wareham, Second Amendment supporter.

Several hundred people stood on the footsteps of the Capitol. They pressed for even more gun ownership. They called even the most modest new restrictions on guns a slippery slope.

“Folks, don’t make a mistake, they are out to take our weapons away from us in totality. This is incrementalism. They will start to chip away at our rights until they take them away all together,” Wareham said.

How the state will take on the gun issue is still an open question. Legislators will look at background checks, assault rifles, high-capacity magazines, and Internet sales. But it’s unclear yet if those proposals will come in one bill or a series of different measures.

Even before there is a bill to debate, opponents on both sides are lining up. Sheriffs in Montezuma, Weld, and Larimer counties say they won’t enforce any new gun laws.


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